Confession as such

Is the telling of dissatisfaction with life.

Confession is the story of self’s change.

Saint Augustine taught me this:

you should confess.

But Nietzsche taught us God is Dead.

Confessing in the face of nothingness

And the desire for radical change.

Expression conforms to events

Created by Concept-governed lives.

Confessing is the telling of a border

vital state

an unrest that reveals the life

you have is not enough

and unravels your desire to live as someone else.

Someone else not existing yet.

Confessing is not an act made by I.

Confessing desires a new form.

But I am a poet, I have fantasies

among words, between wars.

Confessing is a violent virtual act.

The drama of confession consists in telling

the truth of this life within the desire

of another.

Confession as such

Must be revolutionary, transnational, terrorist.

I will not be safe.