I’m finally putting together a collection of my writings in English (on poetics). The working title of this book is now The Opening of the Transnational (Battle) Field. Poetics 2001-2015.

I’ve been writing on North American poetics as a kind of border/outsider/member of post-Language experimental poetry. I think the relationship began in the late 90’s, when I began reading in the Southern California area and then grew into different directions inside experimental poetry communities in the U.S.

Since then my writing in English has concentrated on the relationship between poetry and war, form and empire.

My poems/performance pieces, essays and fiction in English have taken a kind of transnational approach to experimental writing, they have been, I think, a critique of experimentalism inside experimentalism itself.

Now that I’m looking back at the collection of writing from, let’s say, 2001 to 2015, it is clear to me that practically all of them have dealt with imperialism as an element of experimentalism, and vice-versa.

I am obviously not a full time writer in English. My English writings are probably less than 5% of what I do, so I have been hesitant about putting them in a book, even though I’ve been asked a few times by editors to do it, and by now I’ve really run out of reasons why not to put them in a book. It has been 15 years of writing, publish and performing them in the U.S., so, maybe, it’s time to handle them over to some readers.

Probably a fourth of them have been published in magazines and books in the U.S., but most of them have only been read at different events since 2001 or have appeared on some of my blogs.

Until now, I’ve share them with some friends through electronic files, photocopies, etc., but while I am putting them in order, I’ve decided to share them with others through the Internet, so I will be posting some of them here in the next weeks? Months?

If they materialize into a print book–I really prefer print books, they let people read more deeply into texts, and think less about the ‘person’, and in general print books allow writing to be something else than just information or neoliberal networking–at that time I may disappear this blog. But while I work on that, or that book doesn’t materialize at all, those pieces will be here. I guess.