Selfies are mugshots.

The Eye of the State sees me.

My stick holds

the camera.  The Eye of the United States

sees me.  My hand

holds the iPhone.  The Eye of the Name

of the Father sees me.  My mac does it by itself.

The Post-Mediatic Gaze: at both ends

I witness myself in a trial

I think I am winning.

Selfies are the new lyrical eye.

Because mirrors are no longer enough

My selfies inform others

I am a fashion STATEme(a)nt.

I am proud of who I am.

And I believe I made and cloned myself.

And not China.

My Life: A Series

Of Settled-for-this-Colonialisms.

(Don’t trust people who write nice things).

My selfies don’t want you (either) to see beyond “me”.

My selfies are, of course, narcissistic. But are they

Publicity? Or propaganda?

Selfies are about how I feel (I can control)

My own image (=other people’s perceptions about me)

Thinking it’s all my own business.

I am a Control Freak. I take Surveillance

Entertainment Technologies very personally.

Selfies are regressions, yes!

I do remember we used to put ourselves beyond the modern-I.

But can we skip the past? The pre-past seems

A bigger priority now.

Selfies are about looks.

Looking Good!

Looking sexy, attractive, handsome,

gorgeous, nice, hirable, likeable,

pretty, cool, awesome, cute, naughty.

Selfies are about boosting my image.

And everybody is doing it.

The Market needs Our Selfies.

And those kinda outside the Market

Need a whole lot of better selfies.

Selfies are Capital after the failure

Of almost every other fetish. All over

The planet dispossession runs wild

But our flow of selfies makes us feel O.K.

Selfies are about resilience:

See How Great I Look Here?

(After All These Crises)

I can endure anything!

Keep The Shock Doctrine Coming!


I can control My Image, I repeat

The Way You Control My Life.

I love Big Brother

& most importantly

Big Brother Loves Me.

My next Mothafucka selfie

Will prove it! Poetry after the selfies

is weirdly neo-civilizational.

Uncle Selfie Wants You BAD!

Selfies Show

You Are Beautiful

Show You Are Fun Show

You Are Privileged

Selfies Show You





Selfies show Who

You Hang Around.

What you do day to

day. How special

your days and nights are.

And the selfie occurs




Super Ego


After decades

Of images & words

Marketing together

Skip The Slogan:

Selfies can do it all

By themselves.

Eye is Yet Another Entrepreneur.

Poet as Witness

Of Its Own Avatar

Poet as Selfie Is Just Fine.

After photography

Asking you to react to some war elsewhere

Or some disaster here or there: these Selfies

Are the New Humanitarian Relief.

UFO’s and all others aliens

Are too far away, too fuzzy anyway.

Selfies empower you

To advertise yourself

In Just One More Way

For Today.

A Selfie

Is The Closest

The Drone

Can Safely

Take a Shot

At You.

The Selfie

& the DIY PsyOps Apps

We All Need.

Lets face it: pre-industrial images

Have no effect on us anymore.

But the selfie recollections seem to do it

For us early in this 21st Century.

Someday selfies will be hasbeens.

But For Now Poetry Can Still Document Any Shit.

Selfies will change the past. Every dead person

Will look into our eyes in the form of a selfie.

Selfies are mugshots.

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